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28 of September, 08:55

VIM airlines discontinues regular flights The Ministry of transport announced the termination of regular flights of the company VIM-Avia.

Passengers whose departure date to 16 October, will be transported according to the schedule. And those who have a later departure date, must take the tickets and get the money back.

In the company VIM-Avia introduced the external management due to the fact that the company does not have financial resources for operations and refueling of their aircraft. As a result of the collapse of the company remained abroad for more than 40 thousand Russians, which had to be transported by the company.

Vladimir Putin at a meeting devoted to this problem, declared incomplete office conformity to the Minister of transport Maxim Sokolov and Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich. The responsible person said that all obligations of VIM-Avia in front of the passengers will be executed.
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