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2 of October, 10:24

For the separation of Catalonia from Spain voted 90% came to the polls The Catalan government through its representative Jordi Turul announced sensational news: more than 90% of voters expressed their consent to Catalonia separated from Spain as an independent state.

Only Catalonia has the right to vote 5.3 million people . According to the government of Catalonia for a referendum on secession from Spain came to 2.3 million people. Data on the results of the voting are preliminary, as not counted still over 50,000 ballots. Among counted ballots the votes are so against independence voted about 8%, about 3% of the ballots were invalid. The rest voted for the secession of Catalonia from Spain.

Carles Putteman, the head of the government of Catalonia said that the recent referendum is impressive. He sent a message to the EU that he did not close his eyes on the flagrant violations of human rights by the Spanish authorities, who preferred the military option counter valaisiana people of Catalonia.

During clashes and collisions of people who came to the polling stations and the national guard has suffered more than 800 people. Hundreds of people were detained and arrested.
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