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2 of October, 10:35

Crimean bridge began to asphalt. The first segment with a length of 600 m on the island of Tuzla Crimean bridge received its first layer of asphalt concrete.

Has only one year left until, as the bridge will go flow of vehicles from mainland Russia to the Peninsula and back.

Chief engineer Yuri Safronov revealed details of pavement structure. He said that the top layer of the coating is to be lined with crushed stone-mastic mixture of asphalt concrete. This composition will allow the car to have a reliable grip throughout the bridge, regardless of weather conditions.

The plans of the builders of the road bridge: installation of barriers, installation of lighting, and the installation and commissioning of system for traffic control in automatic mode. Yuri Safronov reported that the project of the Kerch bridge will be covered with two-layer asphalt coating. And on the coastal sites of the Kerch Strait, the coating will consist of three asphalt layers is done in order to complex operating conditions has not led to the destruction and cracking of the coating.

For asphalt coating of the Crimean bridge is a modern blend of asphalt and polymer-bitumen additives that allow the coating to be durable, but it is plastic and does not contribute to cracking.

Recall that prior to commissioning the Crimean bridge and the beginning of movement of cars on it remained little more than a year.
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