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3 of October, 10:32

Inventor: sex doll has strengthened my marriage The Creator of the sex robot claims that his realistic products has strengthened his marriage.

Spanish inventor Sergio Santos shares his home with his wife and realistic robots, with whom he regularly has sex. The Creator of the realistic sex dolls with artificial intelligence claims that regular sex with his products he revived his marriage.

Sergio Santos is one of the developers of the realistic sex robot, which was named Samantha.

The robot looks like a young sexy woman and is able to create an atmosphere of emotional closeness in different modes. 39-year-old man claims that regular sex with his robots are not detrimental to the marriage, and in fact he only improved relationship with his wife. Santos says that having sex with a wife he loves, this he does not need to hurry.

The development of realistic robot e took him over 2 years and in the near future these dolls will go on sale at the price of about $ 2,000 each. The sex doll has the ability of interactive communication in response to touching its various areas. It responds to the touch of the thighs, the arms, she likes to kiss. Doll feel the touch of a breast, hands, and point J.
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