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16 of October, 09:25

Tax-free Internet purchases will be only 3000 rubles Today, you can no fees to buy foreign goods at 70,000 rubles.

However "Mail of Russia" made a proposal to gradually reduce this threshold to 3,000 rubles in four years.
According to the organization from fees to Supplement the budget of the country.

Critics of this proposal say that the process of tracking, calculating, charging, collecting fees carries significant costs, which may negate income from growth in fees.

"Mail of Russia", for its part offers the option of levying duty upon receipt of the goods, and when buying. According to the organization, this approach will significantly reduce the costs on account of increased duties.

In cooperation with AliExpress is experimenting and debugging technology, the completion of which will be explained its effectiveness. After successful completion of the experiment, "Mail of Russia" plans to conclude contracts of such a scheme of charging with other online sites.
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