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17 of October, 10:01

The Russian made a tattoo on your face Employee tattoo industry of Krasnoyarsk surprised our friends that decided to get a tattoo the size of a half face.

Strange but true - Nikolay Markelov posted the video in social networks, as fills his tattoo, which almost covers the chin, cheeks and even lips. The tattoo is a huge inscription "nothing to Lose".

Journalists Nicholas explained his action by the fact that he wasn't planning on doing a big tattoo, but he miscalculated and he failed to make his plans. The tattoo took half of the face. But Nicholas did not regret, as it was small tattoos on the face, and the other one will not become worse. After all, his friends, and so accept it with all the features, and those who do not accept tattoos in prominent places and refer to it so negatively.
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