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17 of October, 09:49

The native of Makhachkala saved four children and mother from the gas trap The native of Makhachkala Gamid Magomedov made a very brave thing to do, helping a woman with four children in a critical situation.

According to the MOE of Dagestan, the incident occurred on 1 October. Night Gamid Magomedov was awakened by cries for help coming from the yard. The man jumped into the street and saw on the second floor of the neighboring house a woman asks for help. The gas filled her apartment, where there are sleeping children who were poisoned by gas. Transfer of children from the second floor through the window she could not.

Do not delay Gamid Magomedov climbed up the wall on the second floor, smashed the window and climbed into the apartment. Knocking on the locked door to the children's bedroom from made of gas filled spaces of two children. Then, back again to threat the apartment was transferred, ran to the aid of inhabitants of the eldest son. After that, all gathered together helped mother with ten-month-old child down the stairs.

The timely and courageous actions Hamid Magomedov has saved the lives of children and women
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