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18 of October, 12:22

Brawler Pavlensky sent in a French madhouse Controversial artist-actionist Peter Pavlensky on Monday was detained by police in Paris.

She suspects him that Pavlensky had committed the arson of the Central Bank of France. The Bank is located in the heart of the capital of France on Bastille square, where Pavlensky threw gasoline on the front door and set fire to it. With him detained and his wife Oksana Shalygina, who filmed the entire process of arson on video.

However, the next day the police withdrew the arrest Pavlensky, but get him to the psychiatric ward of a police hospital . It will examine the state of the artist-actionist and will assess its adequacy.

Russian politician Alexei Pushkov wrote in his Twitter account that Turkey has left the West in search of real creative freedom and ended up in the hospital. Pushkov said France is not Russia, and for such actions should be immediately punished.

Recall that Pavlensky spent in Russia many scandalous actions. The most famous of them is when he sewed up his mouth nailed genitals to the cobblestones of red square, and also carried out similar arson of the doors of the Federal security service on Lubyanka square in Moscow.

Pavlensky earlier this year has left Russia, taking his wife and two children to avoid criminal prosecution for assault and sexual violence.
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