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20 of October, 09:11

The United States recognized that the terrorists used in Syria chemical weapons The defense Ministry said that the U.S. State Department finally acknowledged the availability and use of terrorists in Syria of chemical weapons.

Igor Konashenkov, representing the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation, noted that for the first time since the beginning of the Syrian crisis from the lips of American officials sounded a word about the terrorist use of chemical weapons against the population, which already knew everything. To date, the United States accused of using chemical weapons against residents in the province of Idlib the Syrian government. And now, finally, the picture became clear to all parties: in Idlib province are terrorists, which the Americans considered to be "moderate" opposition.

In this regard, Igor Konashenkov commented on the impact of cruise missiles at the air base Shirt, perfect Americans allegedly in retaliation for the Syrian army use chemical weapons. He said that the Americans could spend missiles worth millions of dollars to better advantage, striking the terrorists who fired chirugie.
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