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26 of October, 13:01

Russia will block websites undesirable organizations. The state Duma in the first reading adopted the law on blocking of undesirable sites of organizations without a court decision.

Two years ago, the General Prosecutor's office had the opportunity to make decisions about the undesirability of the actions of one or another foreign organization on the territory of the Russian Federation. This may be due to the fact that the organization is subversive or anti-Russian activities.

However, to ban the activities of such organizations, the Prosecutor's office could not block access to their sites. Although undesirable organization and do not work in the legal field of Russia, their websites continue to disseminate the materials discrediting the activities of state bodies of the Russian Federation and undermining of the constitutional foundations of the country.

This law, if passed, will allow the court to block such sites, in order to exclude negative influence on the citizens of the Russian Federation.
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