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1 of November, 08:57

New Jorksky the terrorist was an immigrant taxi driver The truck driver, Sayfullo Saipov, deliberately shot down a few people, was a Uber taxi driver and immigrant.

The company Uber has confirmed that its security service was checking the links Saipov in connection with the prohibited organizations. At the moment, the company has provided all the available information about the alleged terrorist in order to investigate a terrorist attack.

30 October in the afternoon local time in new York city in Manhattan the truck running Saipov left on a track for cyclists and rode it for several blocks. During this time he ran over a few cyclists and crashed into a school bus.

Police shot the driver, but survived. The incident, classified as a terrorist act that killed eight people, injured more than ten people.

The alleged terrorist is a native of Uzbekistan at the age of 29 years with the name of Sejfulla Saipov. He arrived in the US seven years ago. An unnamed police source said that police found a note saying that the terrorist act committed on behalf of gruppirovki "Islamic state"*..

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