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7 of November, 09:47

Russian police have found a customer phone calls about about "mining" of objects in Russia. Vladimir Kolokoltsev announced that he will be able to call specific customers telephone terrorism, reflected in the fact that the Russian sleep with calls about mining.

As the head of the interior Ministry, police in cooperation with the FSB, and found that calls about bombs takes place from abroad through the Internet and computer programs.

Currently, detectives are tracing, the results of which the press service of the Ministry of interior to provide extra. He refused to disclose details of the investigation because of the specificity and fear of the invitation of valuable information.

The interior Minister explained that if the earlier message about bombs was done with the purpose of bullying, for example, to cancel school or delay a flight of the aircraft, today calls about false mining are designed to spread panic, uncertainty and fear in society. In this regard, police services must respond to these threats differently.

Earlier the head of the Federal security service Alexander Bortnikov informed the public that established the identity of the 4 Russians, who makes these calls from abroad.
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