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7 of November, 09:56

Parcels from AliExpress will come in 10 days. On November 11, AliExpress introduces a shortened delivery time of goods from China to Russia.

AliExpress for a long time worked in order to optimize the delivery of goods from China to Russia, in order to shorten this period from six weeks to 10 days. Due to the fact that the Chinese Internet giant began to control the entire chain of promotion of the goods from the seller to the buyer, he was able to reduce the delivery period to 10 days.

First, build orders are now selected by the sellers and the transferred employees AliExpress . Secondly, the shipment will also be implemented by staff of AliExpress. Another innovation was the dispatch of goods from the warehouse in Russia. Fourth, a major role in the reduction of delivery time of delivery of goods from online stores has played, and optimization of logistics. The company Cainiao, owned by AliExpress, is designed to control the timing of the passage of parcels. All products from Aliexpress are delivered on the aircraft of Russian Post. Now, 2 months before the new year, when there is high demand, the Russian Post has increased flights from China to Russia.

AliExpress is seeking a reduction in delivery time because Russia is among the three most buying China countries. If the delivery time will be acceptable for the end customer, AliExpress is confident that sales will continue to grow.
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