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8 of November, 12:12

Iosif Prigozhin will vote against Sobchak in the elections Joseph Prigogine believes that to claim the highest office in the country needs people with appropriate education and skills.

Not so long ago, Ksenia Sobchak, TV presenter and so-called "socialite", said will participate in the presidential race. The public reacted strongly to this decision. Sobchak was fans and opponents.

Joseph Prigogine in his interview commenting on the event said that in case of a hypothetical victory of Sobchak in the elections, it is an event not please. PH believes that Sobchak is not a politician and does not represent what it is.

Iosif Prigozhin said he would not want to live in a country where the President would be Xenia Sobchak. He said he does not feel antipathy towards her, but believes that policy needs to go ,people familiar with the work of the state.

Prigogine believes that the girl emerged from the Golden youth, is unlikely to be able to govern because she doesn't know real life.

Famous producer expressed his opinion that the presidential position involves a great responsibility before the people for their welfare and security.
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