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8 of November, 12:23

Than iPhone good for modern girls. The new iPhone 10 is quite different from its predecessors and many women did not know whether to buy a new phone or keep the old one.

1. IPhone 10 makes a great selfie. The fact that the developers added a mode of portrait shooting , in which you can take artistic photos similar to photos taken with a SLR camera. The face looks sharp and clear and the background blurred.

Therefore, even with the distance of the extended hand you can get a great frame. Samoletostroenie novelty is the simulation of various types of lighting. A photo you can edit and choose a filter that will overlay Studio light, stage light and even contour light.

2. For those who likes to have fun and joke with friends, iPhone 10 offers animated Emoji that will repeat all the movements of the facial muscles of the user.

3. To unlock the iPhone 10 do not need to put finger or enter the password, just look at your phone and it will be unlocked. The company promises that the phone will be wrong only one time out of million cases, and can recognize a human face in the dark , with make-up? with hats, with a beard and so on.

4. Building a new new IPhone is made of high strength glass, which, firstly, has a very nice and deep color shade, and second, has high strength.

5. The new smartphone from Apple running on 2 hours longer than the previous product of the world famous company . In addition, it supports wireless charging, and quick charging.
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