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10 of November, 09:37

Non-Russians propose to reduce the working day The people's Deputy Vasily Vlasov made a proposal that might encourage the refusal of Russian citizens from Smoking.

The Ministry of labour and social protection of Russia received a proposal that the Deputies of the state Duma, which says that non-Russian citizens it is necessary to reduce the workweek by 5 hours. Currently, for all working people, the working week consists of 40 hours the average is 8 hours a day 5 days a working week.

He cites the fact that the economy of Russia annually loses up to 3% of gross national product from Smoking many of its citizens. His proposal, he believes, will help encourage smokers to give up cigarettes.

As an example, he cites the European countries where non-Smoking people provided with social benefits and guarantees, and reduced the duration of working time. As suggested by the Deputy from LDPR, the new rules of the Labour code will allow to reduce losses of GDP and have a positive impact on the economy and on the health of its residents.
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