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23 of November, 12:11

Employee of the black sea fleet was detained for espionage Staff counterintelligence detained in Sevastopol black sea fleet of the employee working in civilian jobs, the source said RIA.

A source informed the journalists that the detained employee, who formerly served in the Navy, was suspected of "spying for a neighbouring country". However, the name of this country was not made public.
Now the detainee is placed in isolation, and it launched an investigation.

Previously, two months ago a Moscow court has detained two residents of the Crimea, which also was suspected of espionage in favor of Ukraine. They, as believes a consequence, transferred to the Ukrainian intelligence services secret information about the black sea fleet. And one of them is an active soldier, part of which is in the Crimea.

In addition, in April 2017 in Samara detained a Ukrainian spy who was collecting information on military and transportation facilities in the NPT, Rostov and Samara regions. From Russia he was deported.
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