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9 of April, 11:05

Joel Madden says Nicole Richie brings out the best in him The Good Charlotte rocker - who has two children, Harlow, two, and six-month-old Sparrow, with his fashion designer fiancee - appreciates all the love and support Nicole gives him, which in turn makes him a better man.

He said: "I`m the best I`ve ever been. I have two kids that are my life - they`re my entire world. I have an awesome partner who is really supportive; She makes me the best version of myself that I`ve ever been."

Although he admits becoming a father was shock at first he has always been determined to stand up to his responsibilities.

He told the Los Angeles Times newspaper: "I think you can decide to be the best dad and partner you can be, or you can run from it.

"It`s a heavy thing when your life changes. But my kids make me feel good about myself. I`m not really worried about succeeding or failing."

Joel, 31, also admits being a parent has other benefits too as little Harlow can now give him her expert opinion on his new songs.

He revealed: "She says yea or nay when I record a demo. She gives me the honest reaction."
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