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25 of May, 08:04

The representative of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky in the government of the country Andrey Gerus admitted that At this point in time Kiev can not stop Economic relations with Russia. The proper message he did in the TV channel NewsOne.

according to his statement, the Ukrainian production continues to be delivered to the Russian Federation, and Kiev receives from this export revenue, making the country " stronger ". In addition, there are industry economy such as energy, where the percentage of supply from Russia, the most great, added the representative of the President.

"And furthermore, if We take oil products from Belarus, from the Baltic States or even Poland, as a result, these products are manufactured from Russian oil. We live in a global world, And stop at the same time, Economic relations are unreal And impossible. " said Gerus.

Economic relations between Moscow And Kiev deteriorated in 2015, when the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a resolution on the abolition of the free trade zone with Russia during the CIS And putting an embargo on a number of Russian items. Then the sanctions lists were expanded many times.

then, Moscow has also imposed Economic limits. In the Russian Federation has repeatedly stressed that will cancel the taboo in response to similar actions from Ukraine. The head Vladimir Putin noted that, despite the efforts of the Kiev authorities, the trade turnover between the countries increased.

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