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17 of February, 21:04

The detention of Ukrainian poachers should be solved in the legal field and to abandon the politicization of the situation, told the Russian policy.

before the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine has summoned the charg? d'affaires of Russia and expressed the protest of the detention of a vessel with the Ukrainian poachers in the cabin. The foreign Ministry demanded the release of captured, the ship and return all inventory.

Senator Konstantin Kosachev said that Kiev is trying to give the situation a political dimension, although it can not be.

"There is the fact of poaching, and he confirmed the detainees. They agreed that they are tied correctly, they tied in the present ", - the Deputy declared in explanation of the television channel RT.

according to him, currently, the Ukrainian side will try to triple from this situation, " performance ".

"They will make a situation where" aggressive Russia attacking independent Ukraine ". Can only shrug ", - noted the politician.

Kosachev said that ought to act only in the legal field. The Senator added that to talk about the return of the poachers will be possible after the recognition of violations of Russian law.

otherwise between Russia and Ukraine there is a dispute, which is the capital of Russia will be of a legal nature, and in Kiev he will try to politicize finished the Deputy.

for its part, the head of the working group on international legal issues at the permanent mission of the Crimea under the President of Russia Alexander Moloch called the attorney calling routine diplomatic work.

"It should not overshadow the fact that every poacher, whether he's Russian or Ukrainian, is subject to prosecution for the offense under the laws of any civilized country," he said Last news .

Two days ago the border guard service detained a poaching vessel with four people of Ukraine in the cabin in the Azov sea.

during inspection found more than 290 copies and entangling net.

The captain of the ship said they did not have permits to fish, and also admitted to illegal mining.

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