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18 of February, 04:04

Passengers cruise ship Diamond Princess, which is due to the outbreak of the coronavirus in quarantine off the coast of Japan will be able to leave on 19 February, the process will be completed tentatively by 21 February. About it at a press conference in Tokyo said the head of the Ministry of health Kato Katsunobu.

According to the Agency Kyodo, the head of the Ministry confirmed the preliminary deadline of the end February 19. He noticed that the ship can leave Passengers With a negative reaction to a new type of coronavirus COVID-19. The head of the Ministry said that the samples For tests on the virus taken from all passengers coming of their treatment. Currently on Board are about 3 thousand people.

Only on the Japanese Islands identified 520 cases of infection with a new type of coronavirus. Of these, 454 people - Passengers and crew of the cruise ship (398 passengers and 56 crew members).

at the end of December, Chinese authorities announced an outbreak of pneumonia of unknown causes in Wuhan, Hubei province. The causative agent was a new type of coronavirus, which eleven February, the world health organization gave the name COVID-2019.

according to the final data, the number of infected in China exceeded 72, 4 thousand people died 1868, recovered more than 12 thousand..

To combat the spread of the virus by the Cabinet of Ministers of Russia has closed the border With China in the far East, limited crossing of the border With Mongolia, has canceled work visas For Chinese Residents From Hubei province were taken there are citizens of Russia. Flights to China were suspended, except for flights of "Aeroflot" in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. From 3 February the Railways stopped train letter With China.

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