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18 of February, 13:04

The state Duma adopted the law on ensuring primary school children a free hot meal.

the first time the idea of improving the nutrition of children was expressed in April last year, Prime Minister Medvedev D. a.. For the implementation of the proposal has established a working group.

the draft law was submitted to the state Duma in September, it was sponsored by the speakers of both houses Valentina Matvienko, Vyacheslav Volodin, as well as leaders of all parliamentary factions. The document introduced the concept of " healthy eating ", reinforcing the principles and features of organization.

in January 2020 the message to Fedarene Vladimir Putin said that all primary school pupils will provide free hot meals. The state Duma Committee for education and science on 6 February approved a new version of the bill with the changes of the country's leader.

To implement the proposals, the regions will receive subsidies, and events for the phased establishment of a process allocated about three years.

Volodin has noticed that the draft law is aimed at strengthening of children's health.

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