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6 of July, 19:04

The inclusion in the sanctions list of the British the head IC Alexander Bastrykin, head of the Prosecutor General and judges is outrageous, said Russian Ambassador's residence in London.

It stressed that " all the answers to your questions about the details of the death of S. L. Magnitsky given a long time ago ".

for reviews of diplomats, even in the UK expert the Commonwealth is inclined to the vision that " punishment is ineffective From the position of the claimed purposes and thus harm the bilateral relations."

"This applies to today's announcement Of the sanctions, which will not help improving Russian-British relations ", - added in the Embassy.

the Embassy also said that Moscow reserves the right to take retaliatory steps.

United Kingdom 6 July published a list of individuals and organizations, whom London accuses of human rights violation.

the limits introduced pursuant to the law "On sanctions and On action to the battle against money laundering "With the" Magnitsky amendment ".

the list includes 25 citizens of Russia, whom London considers implicated in the death of lawyer Sergei Magnitsky in 2009. Among them, in addition Bastrykin, a former Deputy head of the interior Ministry Aleksey Anichin, judges Aleksey Krivoruchko, Sergei Podoprigorov, Svetlana Ukhnalev and others.

In addition, the list has the names of 20 citizens of Saudi Arabia who are suspected of belonging to the deprivation of life of opposition journalist Jamal Casucci, 2 generals from Myanmar, and two North Korean structure, accused of torture, killings and the use of labor of prisoners.

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