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10 of July, 14:04

Basmanny Court of the capital of Russia was arrested before September 9, the head of Khabarovsk Sergey Furgala on charges in the company of murders of businessmen in the 2000-ies, reports journalist Last news from the courtroom.

"The petition of the investigator to meet, to elect a measure of restraint in form of arrest," announced the decision of the judge Artur Karpov.

The court reasoned the decision to place under arrest Furgala the fact that he has communication with senior security officials that the Governor may use to threaten the witnesses or to escape From the investigation.

Protection traditionally advocated a more lenient preventive measure, without confinement in prison. Furgala lawyer promised to appeal the detention.

Pleaded the head of the region does not recognize. The politician said that in the 2000-ies was the "head of a small organization," and that no crime had been committed. He said that was aware of the investigation, but not hidden.

The head of the region was tied and brought to the capital yesterday. In the evening, according to a source Last news , he was summoned for questioning for about six hours.

Furgala suspected of belonging to illegal groups, which in 2004-2005 had committed some of the most serious crimes in the Khabarovsk territory and the Amur region. If the sentence In the current year, before the expiration of the Statute of limitations for murder is fifteen years old, he faces imprisonment for life.

A source close to the investigation told Last news that the story is about the company for at least 2 murders. Testimony was given on the head of the Bandits arrested in the past year, as well as witnesses and victims. Proceedings since April last year on the instructions of Alexander bastrykina led by the Central office of the Investigative Department.

Furgal was headed by Khabarovsk Krai in 2018. Vladimir Zhirinovsky, head of the liberal democratic party that the Governor, after his detention threatened to leave the faction out of Parliament in protest.

According to the press-Secretary of President Dmitry Peskov, the decision about the dismissal Furgala until it was not. Authorized representative of the Kremlin has noticed that to assert the identity of the head of Khabarovsk Krai to criminal groups can only Court, to make any conclusions without evidence is premature. From evaluations of Furgala on a post of the head of the region, He refrained.

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