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14 of July, 11:04

. in the residential area of the Syrian settlement of Erich terrorists blew up a homemade bomb in the path of the motorcade of the Russian-Turkish patrol, said the Center reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria.

Three Russian soldiers were slightly injured. Also damage members of the Turkish crew.

All the wounded were quickly taken. The Russian military brought to the base Hamim, where they received necessary medical care.

A damaged armored personnel carrier military police and the Turkish armored vehicle.

Vladimir Putin and the head of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the autumn of last year held a six-hour dialogue, the results of which signed a Memorandum of understanding with ten points.

The document provided input on the Syrian side of the border with Turkey, outside the zone of operation "Source of peace" offices of the Russian military police and Syrian border guards. Their goal is to facilitate the withdrawal of the Kurdish troops and Their weapons and 30 kilometers from the Syrian-Turkish border, and conduct joint patrols.

later, the head of the Ministry of defense of Russia Sergei Shoigu announced the early withdrawal of the Kurds from the security zone. Was launched reconnaissance flights and mine. While patrolling Soldiers moved to Russian armored cars "Tiger" and " Typhoon ".

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