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17 of August, 10:04

Alexander Lukashenko explained the strike of workers at the Belarusian enterprises.

Today, some workers of the Minsk tractor plant said the strike together with workers of the Minsk electrical enterprise named after Kozlov went to the MWTP, which came to a head.

As reported by journalist Last news , at the entrances to the plant and area around it are citizens in plain clothes at the entrance are Authorized security service of the head of the country. Parked outside the bus is unmarked, which, apparently, are Military.

The ninth of August in Belarus presidential elections were held. According to the CEC, Aleksandr Lukashenko won 80, 1%, 2nd place - Svetlana Tikhanovski with 10, 12%. Opposing political force, these results do not recognize, and she Tikhanovski went to Lithuania.

More than a week in the Republic held an unauthorized demonstration of disagreement, but they are suppressed by the security forces. First against dissatisfied with the election results used tear gas, water cannons, stun Blaster and rubber bullets. Then employees of the police organization ceased to disperse the rallies.

according to the interior Ministry, in the first few days of protests tied more than 6, 7 thousand people, damaged hundreds of people, among them at least 120 security forces. One protester died.

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