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17 of August, 13:04

The head of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that work is underway already on the third version of the amended Constitution, reports Sputnik of Belarus.

about it the head of the country said at a meeting with employees of enterprises of Minsk wheel tractor. He said that he made a proposal for two version of the Constitution, but He rejected them because they are a little different from the present.

"Come, sit down and work on the Constitution," - said Lukashenko.

According to his statement, the new version of the Basic law have the opportunity to receive the provisions for the redistribution of powers.

He added that he is ready to share presidential powers, " but not under pressure and not across the street ".

The ninth of August in Belarus presidential elections were held. According to the CEC, Lukashenko won 80, 1 percent, 2nd place - Svetlana Tikhanovski, 10, 12 percent. Opposing political force, these results do not recognize, and she Tikhanovski went to Lithuania.

Immediately after the closing of polling stations in the country was started by an unauthorized demonstration of dissent. The military harshly suppressed them, using tear gas, water cannons, stun explosive device, rubber bullets. According to official figures, caught about seven thousand people. As reported the interior Ministry, during the riots damaged hundreds of people, among them 121 employee of the police organization. One protester, according to the Ministry of internal Affairs, died while trying to throw the police improvised explosive device.

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