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12 of September, 09:47

Rihanna bleaches new heights in Armani ads RIHANNA has gone blonde for a scorching new ad campaign.

Clad only in her undies, the singer lies seductively on the backseat of a car in the film noir-inspired promos for Emporio Armani.

The songbird - who is the face of Armani underwear - also poses in front of a classic car.

She`s featured tugging on the sleeve of her jumper - revealing her midriff - as she perches her derriere on the bonnet.

The Only Girl (In The World) singer follows in the footsteps of former Armani babes Megan Fox and Victoria Beckham.

Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham and Rafael Nadal have also stripped to various states of undress for the fashion giant.

However, it`s Rihanna who`s undergone the most dramatic style overhaul for the brand - courtesy of her dyed locks.

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