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7 of October, 09:27

Beslan terrorists confused Roshal with Rushailo Terrorists who captured school N1 in Beslan demanded not children doctor Roshal but Commonwealth of Independent States executive secretary Vladimir Rushailo.

This was said during the trial in North Osetia Supreme court by witness Viktoria Kastueva. The victim said that 2 groups of terrorists gathered all hostages in gym rather quickly in "10-15 minutes". The first day terrorist had telephone conversation and demanded four people.

"He said that need four people - Dzasohov (president of North Osetia of that time), Alhanov (president of Chechnya) and Rushailo. He said that the person he talks to over telephone must also come. In hospital I found out that this fourth one was Zyazikov (president of Ingushetia) and that was the person who talked with terrorist. Also I don?t understand why everybody said that terrorist wanted to see Roshal. Terrorist shouted that he is not sick and doesn?t need doctor. He demanded Rushailo and not Roshal. I heard it myself", - witness testifies.

Kastueva was also surprised why Office of Public Prosecutor blames soldiers for people death. "I don?t blame them. But where were special services those days? Why didn?t Putin or Ivanov or commander-in-chief do anything? And soldiers were cannon fodder as we were", - she said.

The next sitting of the court will be on October 11.
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