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2 of June, 12:58

Lavrov: Russia will contribute to the UN security Council a draft decision on Ukraine
Russia wants the first day of the week to contribute to the UN security Council a draft decision on Ukraine, which will contain requirements bestlocation cessation of violence and the creation of humanitarian corridors, said foreign Minister S. Lavrov Century after negotiations with his colleague from Mauritania Ahmed Ould Teguedi.
" In order to achieve the execution of documents (Geneva statement and " road map " OSCE), and they begin with the requirements of the cessation of violence, Russia plans to make the UN security Council a draft decision, " said the Minister, ITAR-TASS reported. According to him, " it will contain requirements bestlocation stop violence and start the actual negotiations in order to establish sustainable and reliable ceasefire. Also there will be a requirement to make humanitarian corridors ". While Lavrov said that " we have been told long enough our Western colleagues that as soon as the elections will take place All is calm, All is exactly the opposite." The foreign Minister Also expressed surprise that the Western media in concealing the real situation in Ukraine, showing the " other images." We are very much concerned about what is happening there. Daily die citizens, more and more suffering for the civilian population, peaceful person. Against them continue to use the army, combat aircraft, heavy armament, firing from residential neighborhoods. All this can be observed in practice in a live broadcast. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the media ignore these data show the other pictures ", - he said, reports RIA " Novosti." I today, For example, with astonishment looked multiple editions in a row Euronews, where about Ukraine doesn't say a word ", - the Minister said. Remember, since mid-April, the Kyiv authorities are in the East of Ukraine punitive operation Against supporters of independence of Donetsk and Lugansk national republics, which told about the desire to separate from Ukraine after the coup d'etat occurred in the country on 22 February after several days of clashes in the centre of Kiev. Active hostilities were stopped at some time during the 25 may presidential elections, but may 26 resumed. Won the elections Poroshenko in the categorical form have asked in the explicit form of the security forces to carry out his official ceremony of inauguration of " cleanup " of the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Security forces are actively using heavy artillery and combat aircraft. Mentions numerous victims among the peaceful residents and the destruction of houses and infrastructure.

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