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3 of June, 20:27

EU Treaty with Georgia and Moldova should sign rather, I am sure Hague
Denis Voroshilov. The UK continues to insist on the soonest signing of agreements on the unity of the EU with Georgia and Moldova, said Minister of foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of William Hague. The agreement is expected to sign at the conference the EU 27 June.

" We are working on economic issues in the EU, as with the countries of Western Europe and others. Georgia and Moldova will get all the benefits from Association with the EU, how are countries that have already signed such agreements, " said Haig, speaking at the Symposium on globalization in London on Wednesday.

Speaking about Ukraine, the British Minister said that Britain is still involved in the political process, " but did not explain the timing of the signing of the Treaty of Union with Kiev.

" We are currently involved in the process, assist Ukraine, participating in the examination, help Ministers, " said Haig.

first elected head of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that his country is ready to sign the 2nd part of the Treaty on the Union with the European Union as quickly as the EU will be ready. Initially sign the remaining contract was planned on June 27, but the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine told about the intention to discuss with the competent EU the terms of signing of the second part of the Treaty on unity. The Association agreement between Ukraine and the EU after the change of power in Kiev was divided into the political part, signed in March, and economic, the signing of which is planned on June 27, the conference of the European Union in Brussels.

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