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4 of June, 17:29

 Gazprom has postponed until June 10, the period of the transfer of Ukraine for prepayment
" Gazprom " at the request of the Ukrainian Side was postponed for a day - To June 10 - deadline for resolution of the issues regarding payments for the gas supplied from Russia and, respectively, the dates of the planned transfer of " Naftogaz of Ukraine " on pre-payment, said the gas holding.

on Wednesday in Berlin hosted a working meeting of the heads of Gazprom and Naftogas Alexey Miller and Andrew Koroleva. About it the press-service of " Gazprom " stated the following: " the meeting discussed a wide range of issues of bilateral cooperation in gas sphere ".

Thus it was decided to postpone the transfer of Ukraine for advance payment on June 10, As of June 9 in this country is a day-off, it is marked in the press release. Ukraine Orthodox holiday of the Trinity, which this year celebrated on 8 June, a public holiday. Because it always falls on a Sunday, outside of these becomes the next day is Monday, June 9.

now dialogues on Gaza come in the bilateral format between " Gazprom " and " Naftogaz " - without the participation of the European Commission. As before on Wednesday said the Minister of energy and coal industry of Ukraine Yuriy Prodan, the dialogues will continue Until 9 June. The parties agreed that during this period, Russia will not stop gas supplies to Ukraine.

Debt of Ukraine for the gas started to emerge on the results of the November 2013, when the country was struck by a Crisis of political power. Until recently, the full calculation was made only for January delivery, and June 2, " Gazprom " received from " Naftogaz " payment in 786 million dollars in February-March. Currently remains of old debts for November-December in the amount of 1, 454 billion dollars. In addition, Kiev have not transferred to Gazprom funds for April-may. In April had brought about 2, 6 billion cubic meters of gas for 1, 27 billion dollars, in may - about 3, 5 billion cubic meters by 1, 7 billion. The price for Gazprom on the basis of the current contract prices in 485 dollars per thousand cubic meters, in force from April 1, after the abolition of all discounts.

along with this, according to the European Commissioner for energy Gunther Oettinger, in the process of the talks discussed the possibility of reducing rates retroactively, starting from April, besides the story is About a range 350-380 dollars per thousand cubic meters. If such an agreement and the truth will be achieved, in April-may, Ukraine will have to pay 2, 1-2, 3 billion instead of $ 3 billion.

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