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5 of June, 01:57

The G7 leaders will discuss with RF settlement of Ukraine, said Merkel
Vladimir Dobrovolskiy. The leaders of the G7 have plans to discuss with Russia the following steps on the settlement of the situation in Ukraine, but recall that are ready to consider economic punishment, if the situation does not improve, said German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

" We wish to Express support for Ukraine, hold dialogues with Russia on the following steps, and, thirdly, if there is no progress on these issues, We will also consider the possible punishment of the so-called third stage. On these points, it was agreed to, " Merkel said after a working dinner of the leaders of the G7, devoted to the situation around Ukraine.

in her expression, the participants of the meeting with RF President Vladimir Putin in France (she, head of the French Republic Francois Hollande and the Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron) have plans to bring this position at the negotiations.

Merkel assured that automaticity in the adoption of punishments " third stage " no - developments will be further discussed by the leaders, for example, at a conference of the EU 27 June.

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