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5 of June, 17:55

In the Parliament of Moldova registered a draft law on banning the St George ribbons

The liberal party of Moldova (LPM) registered in Parliament a draft law on prohibition of application of St. George ribbons. As stated on 4 June the journalist of the news Agency in the press-service CVL, the authors of the document propose to impose penalties for public demonstration of this symbol in the amount of 2, 4 thousand To 4 thousand Lei (1 rouble = 0, 4 lei).

His initiative liberals explain that the use of this symbol " creates tensions in society " and " is anti-national character ". Project authors also refer to the situation in Ukraine, where the " St. George ribbon has become the symbol of separatism, lawlessness and instability "." in the East of the Republic of Moldova, too, there is a hotbed of separatism (obviously referring to the Transnistrian Moldavian Republic, to the site which claims Chisinau, although the PMR was never part of the " Republic of Moldova " and was founded in the year before her - approx. REGNUM), military and political support which provides the Russian Federation. In these conditions the application on the area of the Republic of Moldova in the political, social and cultural order of St. George ribbon is a threat to Moldova's territorial integrity ", - is noted in the explanatory paper to the law.

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