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6 of June, 13:23

Donetsk on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe In Donetsk shortage is growing the food and drug administration in consequence cordons Ukrainian law-enforcers, who took the metropolis in the ring. In case if the situation is not corrected in the near future, the metropolis expects a humanitarian catastrophe.

The Ukrainian army has practically taken the metropolis in the siege and does not miss the transport, carrying food and medicines. The government of Donetsk national Republic want to organize humanitarian corridors to import needed.

In Donetsk, where currently a large number of the sick, injured, elderly and children, finished medicines, according to "Russian newspaper". Prime Minister of Donetsk national Republic Alexander Borodai reported that deliver in the metropolis required number of humanitarian aid does not go only because the metropolis surrounded by a ring of positions of the Ukrainian security forces. To import manage only what time to carry through a short corridor that militias literally "gnaw".

Pharmacy raised the cost of medicines in two or three times, - said the Deputy Minister DND on social issues. - The poor can't buy expensive medicines. And Ukraine is interested in how to not skip humanitarian assistance. Take insulin: problem to provide them sick." Also, problems can escalate and in consequence of the closure of the Russian-Ukrainian border, which argue in Kiev. "We hope that once this happens, all the same will be established humanitarian corridor. Although, as shown by the recent actions of the Kiev authorities do not feel no mercy for our children nor the elderly or the disabled. Therefore we cannot say with full confidence if they will let to form a sort of corridor", - she added.

In the medical unit of the militia DND informed about the lack of funds to assist the victims. Lack of suture materials, products, hygiene products, and drugs for regeneration after surgery. Blood - the little thing not, for local inhabitants actively her pass.

Previously Melbourne Herald sun narrated about the difficult humanitarian situation in Slavyansk. The situation there is even worse than in Donetsk. In the besieged Slavyansk unable to reconstruct the water supply, water tank, the law enforcers do not miss. Very soon the citizens can stay without food - cars with the provisions unable to drive into town.

Ukrainian law-enforcers June 5 again shelled the outskirts of Slavyansk. The main task - the village of semyenovka, is 1 of the most fortified checkpoints militias. Citizens must become addicted to life in conditions of blockade - they were left without water. The reason for this was the damage to water pipes and tanks in the city is not allowed.

In the city very quickly aggravated the humanitarian situation. People 2 day live without water. June 3 in the course of the fire was spoiled the main water supply pipe, to eliminate problems still fails. Is the place of the tragedy should approach the heavy machinery, but the machines are unable to pass through roadblocks and district emergency periodically subjected to fire.

In Slavyansk have problems not only with water , but with supply of provisions. Quite soon the city can remain without food, for the following reasons to bring food in the city is not very easy machine, following the road, are under attack. Shelves in the city's shopping centres already half empty.
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