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6 of June, 18:27

Japan increases the term of the members of the self-defence forces of Ukraine
Ksenia Naka. Japan has decided to extend the term seconded to Ukraine workers self-defense forces in connection with the unstable situation in the country, about it at the meeting of the parliamentary Department said the head of the Ministry of defense of countries of Itsunori Onodera.

" in a tense situation in Ukraine, which has an impact not only on Europe but also in Asia, we believe need a full collection of information. Much depends on how the situation will develop, but as long as we wish to extend the term of office of workers ' self-defense forces, sent to Ukraine ", - quotes the words of the Minister TV company NHK.

After the terrorist attacks on the gas complex Thenturn 1, 3 thousand kilometers to the South-East of the capital Algiers in January last year, during which took the life of 37 foreigners, as well as among them 7 Japanese experts, the Ministry of defense wanted to reduce this summer their posted workers in the Ukraine and in a number of countries to increase their number in Africa. However, due to the difficult situation in Ukraine decided to extend their stay in this country.

The Minister also announced the extension of the anti-piracy mission of the naval forces in the Gulf of Aden, the term of which ends in July. Japan on patrol off the coast of Somalia since 2009, every time prolonging the term of its soldiers in one year. Although the number of attacks on ships fell heavily, Japan wants in the future to meet its obligations to the other countries participating in anti-piracy patrols.

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