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7 of June, 12:57

If the Russian football Union (RFU) has decided to include in its own part of the football Federation of Crimea and Sevastopol to Russia could be used punishment up to dismissal from participation in all international competitions, said the honorary head of the Russian football Union Vyacheslav Koloskov.
at the Symposium it was decided to postpone the consideration of this issue To allow further consultations, ITAR-TASS reported." Soon this issue will not be solved, " said spikelets.- There will be a lot of negotiations, the talks. In order to take the Crimean Federation and clubs in the RAF, it is necessary to obtain the consent not only of FIFA and UEFA, but also the football Federation of Ukraine (FFU). Need a strong evidence base For the adoption of the Crimea. We Have remained to convince other partners. In the best case to consideration of this issue, the FIFA and UEFA will be able to proceed only by early September. So what, If I can solve the situation before the end of the year, it will be a great success. As long as the same in the Crimean teams there is no chance to compete in the championship of Russia in the coming season ". For reviews Koloskova, the Chances of joining the RAF on the results of this conference in the Crimean federations were, but just smaller." We are a little late with the request to FIFA, " said functionary.- The answer was received only yesterday, there was no time to formulate and Express their views. The chances of adoption were, although there were concerns for this reason, the agenda item on consideration, but not about accepting new members. That's considered, but decided not accept." FIFA is not recommended us without consideration of the General Assembly to accept new members in the RAF continued spikelets.- If approve normative documents regardless tips, then you can get penalties, including the exclusion of all international tournaments. If We had not corrected the situation, the account of the world championship in Russia have not come. There are, of course, the option to register the Crimean clubs not in the Crimea, but it's too obvious deception. Here we need to achieve our interests are absolutely honest way." International Federation of football associations (FIFA) and the Union of European football associations (UEFA) has recommended that the RFU to wait with inclusion in their own part of the football federations of the Crimea and Sevastopol, the Crimean clubs as long as long as the legal side of the issue is not completely clear. So FIFA Secretary General Jerome Walke 5 June responded to the request of the RFU.

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