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10 of June, 10:27

Poroshenko ordered to make a humanitarian corridor in the South-East of Ukraine
The head of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has ordered the heads of law enforcement agencies to make a humanitarian corridor For civilians who want to leave areas where special operation of law enforcers, informs on Tuesday, the press service of the head of the country.

Poroshenko met With the heads of the security service of Ukraine, Ministry of interior, the Ministry of defense and the state emergency Service.

" To prevent new victims in the district of holding antiterrorist operation Manager of Ukraine has ordered the heads of law enforcement agencies to do everything necessary rules For the peaceful inhabitants who wishes to leave, " said the report.

Since mid-April, the Kyiv authorities are in the East of Ukraine a special operation To suppress the protest movement, which emerged as a reaction to the replacement of the authorities, which have occurred in the country on 22 February after several days of clashes in the centre of Kiev. In the Russian capital this special operation, which has already led to numerous victims, called punitive and campaigning Kiev immediately to stop her. 3 June Russia was presented in the UN security Council a draft decision With a call to stop the violence in the East of Ukraine and to allow civilians to leave the territory of the fighting. About that, how is the conflict in the South-East of Ukraine.

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