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11 of June, 14:27

Correspondents LifeNews was made in the UN
Correspondents of the TV channel LifeNews Marat Zaichenko and Oleg Sidyakin made in the UN office in Geneva, in order to attract attention of world brotherhood to the problem of biased coverage by the Western media event in Eastern Ukraine, said the Executive Director of the media holding NewsMedia Ashot Gabrelyanov.
Director General of the TV station said that the main purpose of this talk is to draw attention to bias in the South-East of Ukraine Western media, informs Russia Today." We must attract the attention of the public and the media, because We know perfectly well what " the truth " show extremely most of the Western media ", - noticed Gabrelyanov. He mentioned the frequent cases of arrests in Ukraine, employees of the Russian TV channels. Ashot Gabrelyanov noticed that over the media often committed violent acts, but this problem in the Western media remains unnoticed." The history of our media, and many other media Russian channels, when the detention and physical violence over the media, not shown Western channels, it is hidden in every way ", - noticed the Executive Director of the NewsMedia. Gabrelyanov also expressed gratitude to the Russian foreign Ministry for assistance in the coverage of this issue. Remember, reporters LifeNews Oleg Sidyakin and Marat Zaichenko may 18, were captured by the national guard under Ukraine's Kramatorsk during the punitive operation. Arrested were taken to Kiev and was charged with " promoting terrorism ". Correspondents were released with the assistance of the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov. Later They told me that the first two days they were kept in an earthen pit with bags on their heads and intimidated, threatened to be accused of carrying weapons. The head of the Century Century Putin has awarded correspondents with orders of courage and himself expressed his gratitude Kadyrov for the help in the liberation of correspondents. Later, June 6 television channel " Star " also told about the loss under the Slavic two correspondents who were on a business trip, operator Andrey Sosenkova engineer Anton Malyshev. They were caught at the checkpoint on nazvanii. According to an eyewitness, during the detention they put on the heads of the bags and put it on his knees. In the evening on Sunday correspondents were released and handed over to the Russian side. In Monday night They arrived in the capital of Russia by a special Ministry of defence and thanked all for participation in their release.

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