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11 of June, 22:51

107 residents of the South-Eastern regions of Ukraine arrived in Voronezh region
107 of Ukrainian people - citizens of the South-Eastern regions, who were forced to leave their homes, arrived in Voronezh region for information on eleven June, said the journalist of the news Agency in the press-service of the head.

now 98 people (60 children, 38 adults) on 2 buses are directed from the city Boguchar in one of boarding schools of Voronezh. Nine more people (four children and five adults) placed in the Center of temporary accommodation for the elderly in Ramonsky district.
remember, June 9, in the Voronezh region came bus from 79 residents of Ukraine, they are placed in the Centre of social support " Burevestnik ". As they say, measures are taken to maintain arrived in the region Residents of Ukraine all Necessary. In the area is the collection of humanitarian aid. Today with an initiative to provide financial assistance and assistance in employment were made by the Authorized business community.

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