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11 of June, 21:57

More than 100 Residents of Ukraine arrived in Voronezh region
Voronezh region has made 107 citizens Eastern regions of Ukraine, which will be placed in the boarding school and the center of temporary accommodation for the elderly, informs on Wednesday the government of the region.

first came to Voronezh more than 90 Residents of Ukraine of the Lugansk region. They were placed in the center of the social help to family and children " Burevestnik ". At this point in time there are 85 people Ukrainians, six were relatives. As emphasized by the Voronezh authorities, who Arrived from Ukraine citizens do not ask for the citizenship of the Russian Federation and the status of immigrants, they need only temporary asylum.

" according to eleven. 06. 2014 in Voronezh region arrived 107 Inhabitants of the Eastern regions of Ukraine, who were forced to leave their permanent places of residence ", - is informed in the report.

Two buses currently carrying 98 people (60 children and 38 adults) from the city Boguchar Voronezh region in one of the boarding schools of Voronezh. Nine people (four children and five adults) placed in the center of temporary accommodation for the elderly in Ramonsky district.

in the Department of social protection of the region started-hour " hot line " on the problems of temporary stay of Citizens of Ukraine, who arrived in Voronezh region, telephone (473) 272-78-14.

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