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12 of June, 16:27

The number of Ukrainian immigrants in the Voronezh region has increased almost up to 300
Voronezh region took about 100 residents of Eastern regions of Ukraine, the total number of arrivals has increased to around 300, informs on Thursday the government of the region.

Citizens of Ukraine are massively arrive in Voronezh region since June 8. By Thursday the obltsentra and districts of the region took about 200 people. About 90 Of them were at the center of social aid to family and children " Burevestnik ", 98 placed in one Of the boarding schools of Voronezh. Nine people were settled in the center of temporary accommodation for the elderly in Ramonsky district.

" in Voronezh region just arrived 298 Inhabitants Of the Eastern regions of Ukraine, who were forced to leave their permanent places of residence ", - is informed in the report.

Of the newcomers, 88 persons placed in, Borisoglebsk in the boarding school, and 28 persons placed in the center of psychological-medical-social escort in Novokhopersk town area.

in the Department of social protection of the region started-hour " hot line " on the problems of temporary stay of Citizens of Ukraine, who arrived in Voronezh region, telephone (473) 272-78-14.

numerous anti-government protests were started in the South-Eastern regions of Ukraine at the end of February 2014. It has been the response of local citizens at the forcible change of power in the country and the subsequent attempt to cancel the Verkhovna Rada of the law, giving the Russian language regional status. The center of confrontation between Pro-Russian-minded people with the government in Kiev has become the Donbass. About that, how is the conflict in the South-East of Ukraine.

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