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13 of June, 18:55

Minister of foreign Affairs of Lithuania: the Position of Russia complicates the situation in Ukraine

Today, 13 June, Ministers of foreign Affairs of Lithuania and Ukraine Linas Linkevi?ius and Andrey dedica on the phone, talked about the situation in Ukraine and ways to solve the crisis through negotiations, told news Agency, the Lithuanian foreign Ministry. According to the Minister, unless there is a positive change, you need to return to more restrictive measures, the application of targeted sanctions.
The linkevi?ius was informed about the fact that as long as Ukraine is not felt the normalization of the situation, and as if not fulfilled promises stricter watch the border between Ukraine and Russia.
" the head of the foreign Ministry of Ukraine said that the contact group, which consists of Authorized in Ukraine, Russia and the Organization for security and co-operation in the European Union (OSCE), has prepared proposals, but the reaction from the capital of Russia was not received. Certain segments of the state border is controlled by the military terrorist groups, in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions freely come equipped with weapons citizens who have anti-tank, anti-aircraft weapons, " he said Linkevi?ius.
During the conversation was clearly determined that the June 12 in area of Ukraine broke 3 tanks, at the same time, the formulation of the foreign Ministry of Lithuania, terrorist groups use violence, attack of the Ukrainian military, force down planes, hiding behind a " human shield " is often fired from residential areas, apartment houses. Until now no news about 8 abducted OSCE observers.
" All this can destroy any efforts to have a dialogue. Statement by Russia that the ongoing conflict is only an internal affair of Ukraine, further complicate the situation ", - noticed the Linkevi?ius.

remember that the foreign Ministry of Lithuania before condemned any measures to restore order During the so-called peaceful demonstrations in Kiev and did not notice the use of the Maidan activists of violence against a police Organization, calling on President Viktor Yanukovych in any case not be used with weapons of force against protesters, threatening well as international Tribunal. Mirror the actions of those disagreeing with the policy of the new authorities in Kiev of the population of the Eastern regions of Ukraine, the Lithuanian foreign Ministry immediately declared a terrorist, and punitive measures against the peaceful inhabitants were called reasonable. Lithuania's position During a fall in Ukraine has changed.

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