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6 of May, 03:26

NATO is confident that the Russian Federation will not apply troops in Ukraine
Allied commander of NATO, General Philip Breedlove said that he does not consider the likely entry of Russian troops in the East of Ukraine, reported on the night of Tuesday the Agency.

" Today I would have said that I do not think, as it is the most probable course of action, " said the General, speaking at the Symposium on the problems of arms in Ottawa on the first day of the week.

in his vision, Russia is able to achieve its objectives in the East of Ukraine, without crossing the border of the armed forces ".

first NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen in an interview to German edition said that " Russia currently operates more like the enemy, and not as a partner." He warned of the Russian Federation from destabilization in Ukraine, which, according to him, " it would be an historic mistake ", but noticed that NATO has no military solutions to the Ukrainian fall. Rasmussen also tried to convince the European member countries of the Commonwealth to increase military spending.

After the exacerbation of the situation in Ukraine, the head of the Ministry of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu said about the " unprecedented " growth of activity of the military might of the USA and NATO in Eastern Europe of the Russian borders. The chief of the Russian General staff Valery Gerasimov paid attention of the head of Committee of chiefs of staff of the U.S. armed forces Martin Dempsey on the increase in the number of aviation and U.S. troops in the Baltic States and Poland and the courts of the Commonwealth in the Black sea. The US used the situation to return to discussions with allies in NATO the question of raising military expenditures in the Commonwealth countries.

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