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15 of June, 11:56

Nikonov: West unleashed Kiev hands, locking message in the UN security Council
Blocking Western countries initiated by Russia statements condemning the attacks on the Russian Ambassador's residence in Ukraine testifies about the fact that official Kyiv is given carte Blanche for any actions, says the head of the Department of the state Duma on education, political scientist Vyacheslav Nikonov.

Russia has made a proposal to accept the message in the first day weekend, extending his project among the fifteen member countries of the UN security Council. According to the text, the UN security Council was suggested strongly condemn what happened on the first day weekend attack on the residence of the Russian Ambassador in Kiev, which was the damage to the building And property of the Embassy created the Danger the lives of its staff, which seriously impeded the work of the Embassy. However, as said Last news diplomatic source in a global organization, Western Nations have blocked in the UN security Council Russia has proposed a message.

" This means only one thing - the current official Kiev everything is allowed. I have the ability to imagine, if it was an attack on any residence of the Ambassador of any Western country, in any country, Russia would, of course, supported the condemnation of this attack. And all would be sensible citizens, all States It to be acknowledged illegitimate, because there are rules on diplomatic practices that are not violated even during the war between the States ", said Last news Nikonov.

He said that in the West for the attack on the residence of the Ambassador of the Russian Federation " Surat at the level of press-secretaries." But the official position on the issue is not occupied. This means that the current official Kiev has carte Blanche for any actions ", - said the people's choice. Nikonov also noticed that in the West turn a blind eye " on mass genocide that Kyiv authorities composes in the South-East of Ukraine, on the sacrifices huge on the humanitarian catastrophe that is happening there, on flows of immigrants, who rushed into the Russian Federation ".

" To resent the double standards that probably makes no sense again. The West has demonstrated time and again that the alternative of double standards for them are triple, quadruple standards. For this reason, I am not shocked by the position of Western countries, I, of course, outraged in connection with this position, " said the MP. In his vision, Western countries Western set out to drive the situation into an absolute dead-end, up to aggravate relations between Russia And Ukraine And to try to push the two neighboring States.

on the first day weekend to the Russian Embassy in Kyiv came a few dozen people. They brought tires from cars blocked the exit from the building of the diplomatic mission. Later radicals were pelted with eggs filled with greenery, the facade of the building was smeared with antiseptic And punctured the tires of cars near the Embassy. They also tore the Russian flag with the Embassy, the facade has started to disassemble the pavement, turn the machine. The building was Zakhidna smoke bombs And firecrackers, almost all the Windows in the Embassy were knocked out. According to media reports, the crowd did not meet any resistance from the police organization. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation asked in a persistent form on the Ukrainian side to take all necessary measures to maintain the security of Russian diplomats in Kiev. The Ministry told that the Ukrainian authorities had not taken measures for protection of the Embassy of the Russian Federation, And that Moscow regards This as a gross violation of international obligations of Ukraine.

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