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15 of June, 18:22

For days in the Rostov region from Ukraine entered 13 thousand Immigrants

More than 13 thousand of Ukrainian immigrants arrived in the Rostov region for the past day. About it said today, fifteen June, the Ombudsperson under the RF President on the rights of the child Pavel Astakhov in own Twitter blog.

" for the last day of Ukraine in Rostov region entered 13536 people, of Russia to the Republic of Ukraine went 4124 people, " wrote Astakhov. He noted that for a day in the Rostov region posted 391 people, of whom 132 child and six people with disabilities." Only 45 municipalities of the Rostov region posted 4869 people, 1972 child and 34 of the disabled person ", - reported in the recording. Among the activities to maintain vital functions arriving Residents of Ukraine from the Rostov region used 1674 person, 576 pieces of different mechanisms.
" in the Rostov region also organized round-the-clock phone of " Hot line " (239-99-99) to appeals of Citizens, who arrived from Ukraine ", - says Pavel Astakhov.

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