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5 of May, 20:25

Pro-Western opposing political force in Belarus advocates to ban St. George ribbons

Operating in Belarus oppositional organization " Movement " for Freedom " ( " the movement " for freedom "leader Aliaksandr Milinkevich urged the authorities of the former Soviet Republic to introduce a ban on the use of the " St. George ribbon ". About it it is informed in the letter, published on 4 may on its Internet representation pyx. By.
" in the 1st of hypermarkets Minsk on may 2, the campaign " I remember, I am proud of ", under which by may 9, all willing buyers issue So-called" St.George ribbon ". Black and orange symbolism less and less associated with the Day of Victory over Nazism and fascism. It is increasingly becoming a symbol of Russian imperialism. After the recent events in Ukraine, It definitely has a new negative sense As the glorification of separatism and military aggression. Because of this, the Movement " for Freedom " agitate the Minsk city Executive Committee, other bodies of local authorities and the Council of Ministers to ban the distribution and use of So called" St. George ribbon " in public places. We also call on the Belarusians to renounce the use of these ribbons in solidarity with Ukraine and protest against the military aggression, we offer you to celebrate the anniversary of the Victory in the Second world war with others, and among them the national symbols ", - says the appeal of the oppositional organization.
Under the published statement left their reviews dozens of Belarusians, showing attitude to the initiative of the Movement " for Freedom " and the events in Ukraine. A large number of comments in harsh and even obscene form has recognized illegal the initiative of Alyaksandr Milinkevich and his supporters.
We emphasize that " the Movement " for Freedom " is one of many small Pro-Western organizations operating in Belarus with the assistance of partners from EU and USA. The activity of this organization calling itself the movement ", has mainly on the Internet Internet. For all time of existence of this " Movement", it failed to gain the support of a significant number of supporters, for this reason on their own can not spend even a significant mass events, limited to, statements on various occasions and propaganda thoughts, not finding support in the Belarusian society. Attempts to rally around Milinkevich intellectuals and like-minded opposition organization has not yielded significant results.
As reported by the news Agency, " the Movement " for Freedom " was established Under the former candidate for presidency of Belarus from the United Pro-Western opposition Alyaksandr Milinkevich in 2006, shortly After his crushing defeat at the time held in the same year presidential campaign. The 1st Congress of the " Movement " was held in 2007, and in 2008 the Ministry of justice of Belarus registered " human Rights and educational public Association " for Freedom Movement ".

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