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5 of May, 20:25

Liberal Democrats of Belarus called on all Residents to use the ribbon of St. George

The liberal democratic party of Belarus called on the citizens to actively use the symbols of the Victory in the great Patriotic war. About it is reported in the handling of the press service of the party, received on may 5 in edition of the news Agency.
" Ahead of the great feast - may 9 Victory Day, says the appeal of the Belarusian party.- The St. George ribbon is a symbol of the Victory of our fathers, grandfathers during the great Patriotic War, the desire, don't forget to give new generations who and at what price won the most terrible war of the previous century, whose heirs we remain what and who are obliged to be proud about, the one to remember!".
Liberal-democratic party called on " all Residents in these days to apply Georgievsky ribbon on the clothes, on the car." The Belarusian party representatives told distributing symbol of Victory in public places and in the Minsk office of LDPB.
As reported by the news Agency, a Pro-Western opposing political force in Belarus strongly supported a coup in Ukraine and called on the authorities to introduce a ban on the distribution of may 9 symbols of the Victory Day. The same ban is implemented in the Western regions of Ukraine, where the local authorities many times forbade the celebration of Victory Day and encouraged the local neo-Nazis, chestvovali SS Legionnaires and attacked the Soviet veterans. Aleksandr Lukashenko on may 9 priority to wear a red-green ribbon, and Pro-Western opposing political force uses a white-red-white ribbons - the symbol of collaborators of the German invaders in the years of the First world War and Second world War.

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