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16 of June, 23:27

The official authorized state Department Jen Psaki did not want to condemn in the first day of the week verbal attacks of the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk and the head of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry Andrei of Dedicy, But said That would not repeat them.

last Saturday, the head the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Andriy dedica under the cheers of the crowd, who attacked the residence of the Russian Ambassador in Kiev, said obscene insult to the President of the Russian Federation centuries Putin. And the Prime Minister Yatsenyuk, according to the quotation from the Internet representative office of the Ukrainian Embassy in the U.S. capital, called supporters of independence in the East of Ukraine, according to one version, hit military transport aircraft, " subhuman " (subhumans). However, according to the web archive, then the word was fixed on the web page on the inhumans - " inhuman ".

a journalist of the associated Press, Matthew Li at a Press conference in the state Department said Psaki That statement of Dedicy not be playing, and asked her reaction to them." Come on Matt, you want (to repeat it), " said he Psaki. The journalist asked Whether herself Psaki to repeat phrases of Dedicy." No thanks, I would have abstained " - replied the Commissioner of the state Department. However, she did not want to condemn these phrases, to dissociate from them or to inform, consider Whether the U.S. acceptable similar Behavior.

" it is important to remind you and all, what did the Minister at that moment, when He made those statements. He himself went to the Russian Embassy to calm the protesters, and achieved it, " said Psaki." As for the meaning, I ask you to sign up to the Ukrainians, " she added. For statements Yatsenyuk on the Internet representation of the Embassy of Ukraine in the USA Psaki said: " the Behavior of the Prime Minister was rather aimed at a peaceful resolution to the situation on the ground, protection of people, including Russians, and I would recommend everyone to watch this to see What He thinks."

The US support Kiev authorities in the conduct of military operations against independence supporters in the East of the country. In the Russian capital this operation is called punitive and demanded immediately to stop her.

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