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17 of June, 20:26

Sergei Ivanov condolences in connection with death of the journalist of " Vesti "
The head of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation Sergey Ivanov expressed his condolences in connection with the tragic death of the journalist VGTRK Igor Igor.

" Deeply shocked by the tragic death of Igor Igor. Young, full of energy, a talented journalist. He was a real professional, courageous and dedicated man. For us He will always remain an example of courage and fearlessness of Supreme service profession and genuine commitment to bring to people the truth. The loss is irreversible, and the bitter pain of loss For all. Forces of relatives, friends and colleagues Igor Vladimirovich in these sad days For all of us ", - is informed in the telegram, directed to the General Director of VGTRK Oleg Dobrodeev.

the VGTRK journalist Igor Korneluk died on Tuesday from the received damages under mortar fire near the city of Lugansk in Eastern Ukraine. Video engineer Anton Voloshin had vanished without trace. About his life until now nothing is known. The operator Viktor Denisov has not suffered.

numerous anti-government protests were started in the South-Eastern regions of Ukraine at the end of February 2014. It has been the response of local citizens at the forcible change of power in the country and the subsequent attempt to cancel the Verkhovna Rada of the law, giving the Russian language regional status. The center of confrontation between Pro-Russian-minded people with the government in Kiev has become the Donbass. About that, how is the conflict in the South-East of Ukraine.

The development of events in Ukraine, DND and Lugansk Republic: the latest information, photos and video from the place, reaction, and activation -

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